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Finally, in the last few years, more and more people have become aware of the existence of guesthouses in the Maldives, which do not replace the resorts. Guesthouses allow those who cannot afford resorts to visit the wonderful Maldivian islands.

Choosing to stay in one of these structures allows tourists to come in contact with the "true soul" of this country, precisely because they would stay on a local island, and thus they would be in contact with the population. 

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Who I am, what I do, and why the Maldives.

Eleven years ago, destiny chose a different path for me, casually (or maybe not) leading me to this paradise of small white sand jewels scattered in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives ... > Read more

The difference

 The price difference between guesthouses and resorts should not be the only reason that will lead you towards this type of holiday, because the differences between the two structures are many and the local islands also present different factors that play a role in deciding what will suit you and your perfect holiday better.

I can assure you that these differences will be the ones that will make your trip special by putting you in tune with local people.

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Vashafaru island

Vashafaru is a smile-shaped island, about 3 km long and 800 meters wide. Its streets are sandy, there are no cars but only a few scooters and few small electric vehicles. There is a first-aid hospital, a school that the inhabitants care deeply about, 3 grocery stores (bazaar), two mosques, a cafe directly overlooking the harbor, and beautiful houses made of coral. Walking around you will encounter the smiles of the children, the curious and shy looks of the women, and the warm greetings of the men.

They will make you feel at home and will take you around with them, they’ll offer you what they have cooked or some coconut with smoked fish .They are the soul of these islands and it's nice to be able to come into contact with them!

We are waiting for you to walk together with us ... and then you will discover that the Maldives consist of not only breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear sea, paradisiacal beaches but also traditions, beliefs, recipes and above all many smiles and great humanity. 

10 “good" reasons not to...

1 Do not come if you are impatient with children. Everyone is welcome in our guesthouse. 2 Don't come if you love nightlife. There are no bars, clubs, or restaurants on the island. There’s lots of peace and relaxation. 3 Don't come if you hate animals. Here you will find crows, geckos, flying foxes, crabs, hermit crabs, and an infinity of aquatic, amphibious and terrestrial fauna. 4 Do not come unless you can respect a few simple rules in respect of the local population. 5 Don't come if you can't live without wine, beer, or alcoholic cocktails. In the local islands of the Maldives, alcohol is prohibited. 6 Do not come if you suffer from "seasickness", since we are on an island all transfers and excursions are done by boat. 7 Don't come to the Maldives if you love only and exclusively Italian cuisine. Here the food is delicious and the recipes are varied, take advantage of it and try new flavors. 8 Do not come if you are a lonely person, you hate team spirit, sharing, and the “taste of family”. 9 Don't come if you want the resort luxury. We are a family-run guesthouse, well organized, and simple. 10 Don't come if ... but why not try? 

The Monsoon in the Maldive

Introducing the much-named Wet Monsoon! Here it is, in this photo in all its majesty and splendor! It is accompanied by strong winds and rain that can last from a few hours to days. It should be remembered that in the Maldives there is a strongly localized equatorial climate, it often happens that on one atoll it rains while the sun shines on the nearby one.

This also applies to individual islands. It is still beautiful to admire the contrast of colors that nature offers us!

The wet monsoon period is from late May to late December.

Beach life

Our aim is to make you experience your holiday and not to "spend it". Forget shoes, watches, formal clothes and just wear your simplicity that will lead you to have real contact with the population.

A frequent question that I often hear repeated is "but won't I be bored?".
Well, the answer is NO!

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We are waiting
for you to make you experience
the Best Vacation of your life 

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Don't be caught unprepared, read the FAQ section carefully to understand: what, how and why ... so you don't have unexpected surprises.

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